Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fastathon Concluding Remarks

Dear Fastathon 2011 Supporters,
We would like to extend our gratitude to all of you for supporting the Sixth Annual Fastathon benefiting the East Harlem Health Outreach Partnership (EHHOP).

Recap of Fastathon History
October 2006 - First Annual Fastathon raised $1,040 (w/ 25 fasters)
October 2007 - Second Annual Fastathon raised $2,012 (w/ 41 fasters)
September 2008 - Third Annual Fastathon raised $5,062 (w/ 75 fasters)
September 2009 - Fourth Annual Fastathon raised $7,566 (w/ 105 fasters) 
September 2010 - Fifth Annual Fastathon raised $6,604 (w/ 103 fasters)

This year, with your generous support, we have raised a record $9,777 (and counting) with a record 138 fasting participants! In total, the Fastathon has raised over $30,000 for the East Harlem Health Outreach Partnership over the last six years.  

For fasters, we hope that this event helped you to gain perspective on the physiological ramifications of being hungry and deprived and to garner inspiration from the positive impact that a group of committed individuals can have. Without your participation (~1 in every 6 Mt Sinai students), this event would not have been possible.

For sponsors, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generosity. The proceeds from this benefit will go directly towards medications, social work, and referrals at EHHOP.

Thank you all again.
David Chiang, MSTP III
Andrew Chow, MSTP VI, EHHOP Research Chair
Radeyah Hack, MS III, President of the Muslim Students Association
Timothy Cashman, MSTP III
Robert Brenner, MSII, EHHOP Fundraising Chair
Maryam Sultan, MSII

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fastathon: Today!

 The Fastathon officially began this morning at 6:34 AM. Several of us awoke to a pre-cooked breakfast and ate together. We have also acquired several more fasters to bring us to a total of 139 fasters. This is the largest number of fasting participants ever in the history of the EHHOP Fastathon. Our fundraising total will be posted at a later date, as donations are still coming in.

Thanks to those below for signing up to the fast! The complete list is off to the right hand column, and will be posted along with the final donor count as soon as that is finalized.

Thanks to those below for donating!

Andrew Chow - $1/faster (4X giver)
Eric Smith - $1/faster (3X giver)
Dr. Christian Becker - $30 (3X giver)
Cindy Law - $50 (3X giver)
Dr. Kathryn Elliott - $1/faster (1X giver)
Dr. David Bechofer - $20 (1X giver)
Bruce Nickerson - $500 (1X giver)

Thanks to those below for fasting!

Miguel Yaport
Bruce Nickerson
Bryan Carter
Amy Chu
Nishant J. Trivedi
Antonio Polanco
Mitra Heshmati
Priyanka Nair
Sar Medoff
Neil Dhawan
Anthony Bonito
Trinh Pham
Riley kitamura
Anthony Andriotis
Ismely Minaya
Loheetha Ragupathi
Shaily Shah
Yuting Chiang
Raina Wallace
Pavan Dalal
Shyam Amin

Thanks all for a great Fastathon 2011!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fastathon Final Countdown: Preludium

Hi all,

In just a little under 22 hours, at least 119 Mount Sinai students will wake up early in the morning to eat an early, filling breakfast, and begin their fast at 6:34AM. They will go throughout the day abstaining from food or drink and conclude their day of fasting with a breaking-of-the-fast dinner (provided by Maharaja Palace) at 7:10PM, generously sponsored by the Mount Sinai Student Council.

At the moment, we are 6 fasters shy of reaching our goal, but I know we can do this! Also, I am pleased to note that we are currently at $7580, which is $80 above our fundraising goal for the year. Congratulations and thank you to all!

This past weekend, we also gained two more donors (see below) and 15 more fasters!

Thanks to these two below for donating!

Jess Zeidman - $2/faster
Kimberly Bloom-Fashbach - $20

Thanks to those below for fasting!

Bridget Marcellino
Hari Shankar
Marina Moskalenko
Peter Liu
Akash Kumar
Stephen Merjavy
Jalal Ahmed
Devora Aharon
Jamie Zimmerman
Samantha Gelfand
Kathleen Crosby
Daniel Christoffel
Jeremy Tietjens
Rehema Kutua

Thanks all! We can do this! Only 6 more fasters left to go!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Final Weekend

This is the last weekend before the Fastathon, and I am proud to say that we are incredibly close to our funding goal. With just 4 days to go, we are at $7310 (only $190 left to go!) and 104 fasters (only 21 left to go!). See below for the latest in donors and fasters.

Thanks to those below for donating!

Neeraj Shah - $1/faster (3X giver)
John and Georgia Bancroft - $100 (2X givers)
Sulu and Deo Pendse - $1/faster (1X givers)
Victoria Soto - $100 (1X giver)
George Alba - $20 (1X giver)
Takintope Akinbiyi - $20 (1X giver)
Dr. Katie Krauskopf and Scott Meyers - $50 (1X giver)
Dr. Jacob Levitt - $100 (1X giver)
Dr. Kenneth Davis - $500 (1X giver)
James Cornwall - $5 (1X giver)
Erin Li - $20 (1X giver)
Brian Nickerson - $100 (1X giver)
Andrew Kent - $5 (1X giver)

Thanks to those below for fasting!

Anees Benferhat
Robert Brenner
Anthony Melendez
James Cornwall
Nate Raines
Riju Banerjee
Melissa Menezes
Megan Cummins
Laura Veras
Linda Wang
Vanessa Mallol
Rachel Sennett
Pamela Daher
Sehrish Moughal
Alice Li
Marie Hennelly
Jess Taylor
Evan Tschirhart
Bobby Chong
Jonathan Jimenez Perez
Rishi Kothari
Ashwin Kamath
Yan Epelboym
Jennifer Chuang
Zulekha Qadeer
Laura Belland
Jillian Mayer
Natalie Pica
Andrew Goldstein
Melanie Mumau
Jeremy Price
Marshall Yuan
David Luo
Aviva Goel
Nydia Ekasumara
Nicolette Schlichting
Andrew Tye
John Chiosi
Harish Vasudevan
Andy McCullough
Jillian Nickerson
Brian Nickerson
Amar Parikh
Kathryn Harper
Andrew Kent
David Yang
Jamal Ahmed

Again, thanks to all and let's end this Fastathon on a strong note! I know we can reach our goal ($7500 and 125 fasters!)!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hi all,

Giving over the Labor Day weekend was a huge success! We are incredibly close to our goal: only $1460 more to go and only 70 more fasters are needed!

Thanks to those below for giving!
Anonymous - $1000

Faraaz Shah - $100 (5X giver)
Hamad Sindhi - $50 (5X giver)

Mubashar Khan - $100 (3X giver)
Kate Liberman - $25 (first-time giver)
Lauren Zajac - $30 (first-time giver)
Dr. Andrew Dunn - $100 (first-time giver)
M. Victoria M. Kopke - $100 (first-time giver)
Dr. Ross Cagan - $40 (first-time giver)
Isabella Morton - $15 (first-time giver)
Brett Marinelli - $20 (first-time giver)
Radeyah Hack - $50 (first-time giver)
Elizabeth Jefferson - $50 (first-time giver)
Sylvia Qiu - $10 (first-time giver)

Thanks to those below for volunteering to fast!
Michael Vishnevetsky
Jiana Menendez
Claire Lewis
Josh Oppenheimer
Joshua Usani
Kevin Barnum
Evan Pulvers
Michael Pan
Isabella Morton
Deepa Ramaswami
Sophie Clarke
Gillian Heinecke
Akriti Mathur
Guido Lancman
Brett Marinelli
Rana Elkholi
Peter Goff
Anna Podolsky
Elizabeth Jefferson
Jay Pendse
Jien Shim
Anna Darby
Allie Gips
Nadim Choudhury
Sylvia Qiu

Thanks to all and, as always, please feel free to email with any questions!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Say Hello to the Fasters!

Hi all,

As we approach the Labor Day Holiday, the sponsors and Fastathon participants continue to come in. Below is an updated list of donors and the initial list of Sinai student fasters.

Anonymous - $50

Drs. Yasmin Meah and Peter Gliatto - $200 (5X giver)

Susan Price - $30 (4X giver)

Dr. Tamara Kalir - $200 (3X giver)
Dr. Rhodes Adler - $100 (3X giver)

Dr. Jeffrey Laitman - $50 (2X giver)
Julia Conway - $20 (2X giver)
Sara Simchoni and Al Blum - $200 (2X giver)

Temitope Awosogba - $30 (first-time giver)
Michael Green - $25 (first-time giver)
Lucy Schulson - $10 (first-time giver)
Jose Gilberto Torrijos - $20 (first-time giver)
Alicia Floyd - $50 (first-time giver)

Allison Kwong
Annie Levenson
Antonia Chen
Bertille Gaigbe-Togbe
Brett Weinstock
Christopher Seibert
Demetri Blanas
Estrelania Williams
India Rodgers
Jackie Hsieh
Jackie Paolino
Jennifer Long
Jose Gilberto Torrijos
Julia Conway
Lucy Schulson
Matt Spinelli
Michael Green
Nandini Palaniappa
Noa Simchoni
Patrick Maffucci
Ripal Shah
Teddy John Wohlbold
Temitope Awosogba
Wendy Chi

Thanks to those above for giving their time, money, and energy for this cause!

Again, please feel free to contact if you are interested in donating and/or fasting!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Push Continues!

Hello all!

Despite Hurricane Irene's best efforts, it seems we are still on track towards our fundraising goal. See below for an updated list and the scrollbar off to the side for a complete list of donors.

Ann-Gel Palermo - $20 (4X giver)

Colleen Uscianowski - $50 (3X giver)
Dr. Goutham Narla - $50 (3X giver)

Ari Moskowitz - $1/faster (2X giver)
Shashi Anand - $40 (2X giver)
Dr. Stephanie Factor - $50 (2X giver)
Dr. Daniel Caplivski - $60 (2X giver)

Thanks to all those above for giving!

We are currently at $3870, approximately 51% of our goal ($7500)!

Thanks to those of you who have given or pledged to give and thanks for reading!

Also, we will be recruiting for fasters soon enough from the Sinai student population so stay tuned!

Thanks again and please feel free to contact if you are interested in donating and/or fasting!